Stuart Pease have been specialists in the fibreglass industry for over 56 years. They have created a number of bespoke automotive products, including car bodyworks as well as applications for aerospace industries. See: Custom Classic Cars.

Car bodyworks:

As fibreglass has lightweight and shock absorbing properties it makes it perfect for low volume vehicles such as racing cars. GRP can mould into any shape, no matter how complex the design may be. Stuart Pease have also provided their fibreglass moulds in different forms, such as:

  • Blank – a choice for post production painting
  • Durable colour finish
  • Straight from the mould – ideal for those who are conscious about the weight of a racing car

They have a range of customers and some of their most successful work includes the Ginetta, Ibex and other kit cars and adaptive body kits.

Commercial uses of GRP

In addition to using fibreglass in the racing sector, Stuart Pease have also used it for commercial vehicles. As the material is strong and lightweight, it means it is easier to work with, as well as being a much more cost-effective solution to using another material such as steel.

The team have created designs for products such as cab fronts, aerodynamic spoilers, bumpers, side skirts and much more. Find out for yourself what Stuart Pease fibre glass moulding services consist of.

Composite materials in aerospace

Fibreglass applications doesn’t just stop at cars, it also includes the aerospace industry. Kit makers and hobbyists also opt for fibreglass as a choice of materials. Contact us.

As commercial airliners and military planes use composite materials because of their strength and durability. Stuart Pease have designed, fabricated and installed numerous aircrew simulators.