Body: 1990 Audi Coupe, all steel original Audi panels,bumpers and glass.
Chassis: chrome moly double rail with four link and wish bone suspension.
Struts: BMW 3 series with 60/40 dampening.

Shocks: Aluminum Koni’s.
Brakes: BMW,Volvo and Ford hybrid.
Wheels: Image three piece rims
Tires: Mickey Thompson street legal treaded tires.
Center section: Strange Ford 9″.
Half shafts: 35 spline by Strange.
Housing: Ford Lincoln shortened and built by John Sleath.
Exhaust: full 41/2″ system

Engine: 508ci Chevy built by John Sleath.
Turbo’s: Holset 82mm
Engine management: F.A.S.T XFI. fully map able ECU with 3 bar map sensor.
Injectors: 160lb/hr x 8.
Heads: AFR 337cc cnc ported
Block: Aluminum K.B with 4.5″ bore.
Crank: Crower 4″ stroke.
Rods: 6.53″ long Crower.
Pistons: 4.5″ Ross withTotal seals rings.
Cam: 7.14″ lift and 114 degree lobe center and well over 300 degrees of duration.
Torque: Converter: Neal Chance 10″ Pro Mod.
Trans: 3 speed TH400.
Weight: 3220lb’s with driver.

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